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Comments (22)

Anonymous picture

gorgeous, beautiful film.

Anonymous picture

A fine film. Ended abruptly, while the ebb and flow of the first 3/4 of the film was well paced. Very sad, hard depiction of a young man's life from childhood to adulthood. The one light in his unresolved, dark journey was his friendship with another boy. Too much going wrong in his life: ...Read more

Ayesha avatar

A beautiful, soft, and emotional coming of age story.

Anthony avatar

girl. I'm triggered.

Anonymous picture

the cinematic ideal. breathtaking, challenging, brilliant.

Anonymous picture

Probably my favorite film I watched last year which surprised me, as there was so much hype about it, I thought I was sure to be disappointed. In my mind, very close to cinematic perfection and I gain more insights each time I watch it. Love.

Anonymous picture

I can't remember the last time I was so moved by a film that expressed such emotional intensity apart from the dialogue. The facial expressions and body language will be unforgettable for me .. a brilliant perception of the loneliness of identity formation, fitting in, and becoming oneself.

Anonymous picture

Beautiful film on so many levels, thank you.

Anonymous picture

The acting, ambiance, editing, music, all of it was 5 Stars. I’ve seen nothing like it. Mesmerizing, sad and sweet.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

This movie. THIS MOVIE. Got me through three fr*cking nights that were the hardest nights I've ever gotten through. Barry Jenkings man. BARRY I LOVE YOU.

Anonymous picture

i wanted to see the neighborhood that I drove past but was frightened to enter. This film explained that there was life there that was deeply felt. The music was hauntingly appropriate. Thank you Kanopy.

Anonymous picture

Damn, this is a good. The cinematography is astounding.... the way the shots are thought out; all the different ways of shooting a scene, germane to the content; the color, geez, the glow, the saturation of color. And the story.... quiet, heartbreaking, and beautiful. Thank you. Barry ...Read more

Anna avatar

Incredible acting. MOONLIGHT carefully guides viewers to redefine their understanding of black masculinity in a beautiful and tender way. You haven't seen a film like this before!

Anonymous picture

Amazing!!!! I love this so much

Anonymous picture

Interesting story and beautiful cinematography Barry Jenkins. I wonder why he chose to end the film on the note that he did.

Anonymous picture

Excellent film, acting, music choice fabulous.

Anonymous picture
Tyler J.

This movie puts me in my feelings each and every time I watch it. It's definitely going down in history as a classic. This is the type of movie we need to see for the intersection between black culture & the LGBTQ community. Whew, such a great film.

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Vanessa avatar

thought provoking masterpiece

Anonymous picture

Sadly, my school doesn't offer access to this film but I sent a request and hopefully it will.

Anonymous picture

I very much enjoyed the superb acting and complex atmosphere of this film when I watched the first half last night. Tonight I am being told that my library (East TN State Univ) has withdrawn access to this film. I am disappointed in so many ways..........

Anonymous picture

Beautiful film that holds up to multiple viewings.