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Three Days of the Condor
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Three Days of the Condor

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Comments (7)

soyoung avatar

daaaaamn! so prescient, and apropos to the present. this is a taut and excellent thriller. and robert redford, le sigh....

Anonymous picture

Definitely a film that was way ahead of its time. More relevant in 2019 than in 1975 for sure. Not sure why Faye Dunaway was in the picture? She's practically a side note. It's a shame they wasted such a good actress in a role that wasn't very developed. Besides the distraction of the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I'm 56, but when I was in 7th grade I lived in London and I would see the posters for this film plastered on the walls of the tube stations. I finally watched it tonight for the first time thinking it was just an old timie spy flick. Let me just say that commenters Maggie and Delbert hit ...Read more

Maggie avatar

amazing film and very relevant now in 2018

Anonymous picture

Very Real in 2018

Anonymous picture

very clever movie except fire the hairdresser for Redford and Robertson

Anonymous picture

Great scenes at WTC.